Welcome to Making Visible the Storeroom: Unveiling Treasures Hidden in Museums' Storehouses

"Unlocking the Past, Inspiring the Future"

Welcome to the digital gateway of "Making Visible the Storeroom," an innovative project dedicated to bringing the hidden treasures of museums' storehouses into the spotlight. Our mission is to pioneer web-based access to a visual repository of remarkable artifacts and artworks, allowing you to explore the rich tapestry of human history and creativity.

About Our Project

In a world where countless treasures lay hidden away in museum storehouses, our project seeks to break down barriers and open the doors to these remarkable collections. "Making Visible the Storeroom" is not only a celebration of the past but also an inspiration for the future. We believe that by revealing the secrets of these storehouses, we can inspire creativity, foster inclusivity, and forge meaningful connections between communities and their cultural heritage.

Experience the power of IIIF

Our project harnesses the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) to provide you with an immersive and high-quality exploration of museum storehouse collections. With IIIF, you can zoom in on intricate details, compare images side by side, and even contribute your own insights through interactive annotations. This technology ensures universal access and collaborative engagement, revolutionizing the way we connect with cultural heritage. Explore our collection and witness the transformative potential of IIIF in action.

Unveiling the Unseen with Image Recognition

We harness the power of image recognition algorithms to uncover the hidden treasures within each storeroom image. Our technology scans and analyzes the visual content, providing us with insightful probabilities about what lies within. This innovative approach allows us to reveal, with a high degree of accuracy, the fascinating details and subjects present in each image.

Categorically Exploring Images with Metadata

We've simplified the art of exploration with the help of metadata. Our project seamlessly categorizes and visualizes images based on the rich metadata accompanying each piece. With this detailed information, you can effortlessly navigate through collections based on specific categories, themes, or criteria. Whether you're interested in exploring images by genre, time period, artistic style, or any other categorical dimension, our user-friendly tools use metadata to make it a breeze.

Responsible Image Usage and Crediting

We've diligently obtained the necessary permissions and licenses to use the images in our collection. Our commitment to ethical image usage means that artists and institutions are rightfully credited for their creative contributions. Each image you explore on our platform comes with clear and transparent attribution, ensuring that the hard work and talent behind these artworks are acknowledged and respected.